23155 Angeles Forest Hwy.

Hidden Springs, CA 93550



Please read and fill out to the best you can. 


·        Date of Event: _______________________________________________________

·        Approximate count of riders/bikes: _______________________________________

·        Arrival time to the café:   ______   A. M.  _____ P. M.

·        Will your stop be for:       ____Breakfast  ____ Lunch  ___Snacks / Drinks

·        Name of Event and Club’s Logo: _______________________________________

·        Name of Contact:  ___________________________________________________

·        Phone Number of Contact: ___________________________________________   


       A donation of the event’s pin (if available) would be greatly appreciated.                                

      Your club’s event pin will be on display with other event pins, we have.                                               

      We like to take pictures of the events and may use on our web site.  


Mail to

         Hidden Springs Café  

     23155 Angeles Forest Hwy.

     Hidden Springs, CA 93550  

     Attn:  Elva or Jim Lewis                                                                                                            


 You may also call us with this information: (626) 792-9663                                                                                         

            Color code map of the local mountain roads upon request.                                                                         


    Thank you,

    Hidden Springs Gang